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Client Testimonials

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–       “Lorenzo was a life-saver for me. He was extremely knowledge and all around great lawyer and guy. Right from the start, he took the time to explain the ins and outs of my case, making sure I understood all my options. As the case evolved, he always kept in touch and made sure I was aware of the current state of the case as well as what my best option was at that time. Not only did he interpret the law famously, but at the end of the day got me the best result I could have possibly asked for. I would recommend him to anyone based on professionalism, personality, and expertise.”  -August, 2014.

–       “I am so lucky I trusted Lorenzo with my criminal case. I was able to get through a hard time in my life without going to jail because of his help. I have worked with lawyers, paid the same amount, and received half the help, if that. I wouldn’t trust anyone else if I were to face a criminal charge again.” -August, 2014.

–     “For months I requested Mr. Miller to create an online profile just so I could write him a review. He is not a fan of online marketing as most of his business comes from word of mouth – because he is such a great lawyer. I was in search of a new lawyer since I was extremely dissatisfied with my lawyer at the time (I fired her). Mr. Miller was referred to me by a friend. He worked relentlessly on my case, through studying, negotiations, interviews and even consultations with other lawyers. He is very well-known and skilled as he was a prosecutor for years. He was very honest, realistic and loyal from the very beginning. His professionalism put me at ease during a very stressful time of my life. He truly cared for the outcome of my case and he gave it his best. I was never a number or an easy “in-out” client. I am extremely grateful Mr. Miller came into my life when he did as it made the most significant difference I could have ever hoped for. I recommend him to everyone and anyone in need of skilled assistance. You will not be disappointed.” -July, 2014.

–     “I called a few attorneys on my case, actually met with one other before Lorenzo. When I met with Lorenzo I was blown away by his knowledge and honesty. He didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear, he told me the facts of what could happen and then worked his butt off to do the job right. I know he worked a lot of hours on my case and really did his best, ultimately resulting in the best outcome I could hope for in my case. He was very available to me when I needed to call him for answers to ease my mind, even outside of normal office hours. He has past experience working as a prosecutor (I think over 20 years) so he knows the ins and outs of the system very well! He was very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Lorenzo to anyone looking for someone to do the job right. I must add, I was recommended to Lorenzo by a friend who used him on their case. My friend had a previous attorney who completely slacked on her case. She dropped her old attorney and hired Lorenzo. He came right in and put things back in order, fought hard, and ended up getting her case dismissed because of his knowledge of the law. I would not hesitate to recommend him to everyone I know. Not only is he an excellent attorney, but an all around good guy.” -May, 2014.

–     “Lorenzo knows exactly what he’s saying in defense of criminal torts. I called many other lawyers and each one of them could not provide the information that I should know, due to lack of experience. Lorenzo is well experienced and was an ex-prosecutor for 20 years. That being said, he can forecast what these prosecutors are going to be doing. I highly recommend this lawyer, he’s a very knowledgeable and extremely trust worthy; he could’ve told me that I needed a lawyer to represent me, but he didn’t, such as other lawyers I’ve called in the past. Thanks a ton Lorenzo!” -May, 2014.

–     “I have hired lawyers in the past that talk, take my money and do nothing. This guy not only knows his stuff he acts fast! He is SUPER responsive and AMAZING! I have hired him and will if I ever need him in the future! If you want a great defense attorney he is your man!” -2013.