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Drug Charges

Pursuant with state and federal laws, all narcotics crimes are considered serious both in how they are viewed by the courts and in the possible sentences that they can incur. This is entirely dependent on the particulars of the case such as the amount and kind of drugs in question. Penalties and sentences can vary from misdemeanor charges (which can be a fine and/or up to a year incarceration) right up to a life sentence for more serious felony drug offences. In the state of Utah laws pertaining to narcotic crimes encompass a variety of offenses, from misdemeanors such as simple possession right up to the more serious cases like trafficking. It is also worth noting that illicit drugs are not eh only ones that trafficking charges can apply to, these charges can also apply to prescription drugs.

In addition to the criminal sanctions imposed by the courts upon conviction, drug offenses also carry a variety of collateral consequences such as driver license suspension and loss of civil rights. It is always best to consult an attorney before going to court on such charges. You need to know the ramifications you may be facing if convicted.