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Professional Licensing Defense

Most professions that require a license to practice are the result of lengthy time as a student and oftentimes come with hefty student fees. These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the loss of one’s professional license. Criminal proceedings, loss of livelihood and lawsuits are some of the worst possible outcomes – especially for those in the medical, health care, child care and education or securities professions.

It can have divesting effects if just one of these things happen to you. This is partly why it is so important to use Miller Law Office to represent you to the best of our ability. Lorenzo K. Miller has over twenty years of practice in administrative law and licensing and used to represent the state of Utah in these types of proceedings. His office knows laws and penalties for criminal offenses and the profession consequences that can result from such convictions. We understand just how important these cases can be to someone’s future.

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