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Record Expungement

There are many hardworking and honest Americans with criminal records. Whatever the reason for this it can have detrimental effects on them in finding a home, a job or leaving the country. In some cases it can even lead to social ostracization. Fortunately, the system has a safe guard in place that allows for expungement of arrests and convictions alike from your record. For more information, such as if it might be applicable to you, please continue reading.

What is expungement?

You may have heard the term being used before, but were unsure of what exactly it entailed. It stands as a way to seal the record of your past arrests or convictions so that you can move on without having your record keeping you from living your life as any other law abiding citizen. The process by which one gets something expunged from their record varies from state to state but the end result is the same: You will not need to declare any past arrests or convictions to future landlords or employers. The case is sealed and not available to be used against you.